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Yom Kippur Service

October 9, 2019 Free
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  • Oct 9, 2019
    7:00pm - 9:00pm


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About Yom Kippur Service

What does Yom Kippur mean for Christians? As Christians, we believe that the sacrifice made by Jesus was the ultimate, final atonement for our sins. However, we are required to continuously invoke that sacrifice as we seek forgiveness from God for our daily sins. But what about our transgressions against one another?

If we are part of a larger community of believers, and more so if we are part of a spiritual family that includes the children of Israel, should we not set aside a time of corporate repentance when we eschew all else and implore the Almighty to purify not only our individual hearts, but our entire community as well?

It is instructive to also remember that Israel did not invent Yom Kippur. A set aside corporate day of atonement was instituted by God Himself. It was His idea. Just as all the other biblical feasts, Yom Kippur is an appointment with God, made by God. Yes, that appointment was explicitly made with Israel, but it was implicitly made with the rest of us, as the relationship between God and Israel forms the blueprint of how He intends to relate to all mankind.

Join us for a special Yom Kippur Service. Remember to wear white, tallits, and kippahs. Our special offering will be $42.

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If you have any questions about something you hear or see, please ask our Elders. We're here to help bring understanding. We look forward to having you become a part of the New Life family.

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